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The Peoria County Bar Foundation was formed on October 2, 1970, as a 501(c)(3) organization, organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. The documentation was signed by Golden A. McConnell and J. Martin Lawless, then-President and Secretary-Treasurer, respectively, of the Peoria County Bar Association. The mission of the Foundation is stated, “…with a view toward the advancement of the science of jurisprudence, the promotion of the administration of justice, the encouragement of a thorough legal education, the upholding of the honor and dignity of the Bar and the perpetuation of the history of the profession and memory of its members.”

From 1970 until 2001, the Foundation was sparsely supported by a handful of dedicated PCBA members. As required in the original Foundation documents, the distribution of the funds were regularly applied to educational purposes, supporting the annual celebration of Law Day through activities with area schools.

Membership Memorial Program - 2001
In 2001, under the guidance of then-President David B. Mueller, the Membership Memorial program was instituted, whereby PCBA members were notified of the passing of a fellow member and invited to contribute $5 to the Foundation in memory thereof. The Foundation funds began to increase as a result of this program, and continue to do so in 2010. To review a list of members who have passed away, click here.

Diversity Scholarship Program - 2005
In 2003, then-President Robert H. Jennetten formed the ad hoc committee on diversity, and selected Timothy L. Bertschy as its chair. To learn about the complete work of the Diversity Committee click here.

In the winter of 2005, the Committee began a pledge drive to fund the Diversity Scholarship under the umbrella of the Foundation.

To date, the scholarship recipients have been:

2005: Timothy J. Bell, University of Illinois School of Law
2006: Syed E. Ahmad, Southern Illinois School of Law; Melodi D. Green, Southern Illinois School of Law; and Dwayne J. Simpson, University of Florida Levin College of Law

2007: Rocio S. Becerril, Northern Illinois University College of Law; Melodi D. Green, Southern Illinois School of Law; and Shannon D. Taylor, St. Louis University School of Law

2008: Rocio S. Becerril, Northern Illinois University College of Law; Brigette M. Lobacz, Southern Illinois University School of Law; and Duncan O. Ojwang, Southern Illinois University School of Law

2009: Ann-Kathrin Baker, Thomas M. Cooley Law School

2010: Ann-Kathrin Baker, Thomas M. Cooley Law School; and Olumide Idowu, Thomas M. Cooley Law School


Timothy L. Bertschy William R. Kohlhase
John F. Boos Michael R. Lied
Thomas F. Broderick Rex K. Linder
James R. Carter Honorable Joe Billy McDade
Robert V. Dewey, Jr. Clifton J. Mitchell
Theodor L. Eissfeldt Janaki Nair
John and Cynthia Elias Gary D. Nelson
Dean R. Essig Tom and Marcia O’Neal
Honorable John A. Gorman Murvel D. Pretorius, Jr.
R. Michael Henderson Gary T. Rafool
Thomas P. and Amanda M. Higgins Brian W. Ruddell
Timothy J. Howard Leonard W. Sachs
Raymond L. Huff Debra L. Stegall
Donald r. Jackson Dennis R.Triggs
Jay H. Janssen Vonachen, Lawless, Trager & Slevin
Robert H. Jennetten Jane W. Williams
Karen L. Kendall and Stephen J. Heine Sonni Choi Williams
John K. Kim Richard W. Zuckerman

The Fellows Program - 2006
The Fellows Program was initiated on September 19, 2006, with the goal of funding the Peoria County Bar Foundation, the charitable arm of the Peoria County Bar Association. Then-President Dennis Triggs wrote to the membership: “The Fellows are a special group of lawyers who have committed to paying now or pledging over ten years a donation of at least $1,000. I believe that the Peoria County Bar Association, because of leadership from member attorneys, is the finest Bar Association in the State of Illinois. There are so many active committees that service our nearly 600 members and contribute to the well being of the community in which we practice, that I hesitate to cite examples. Nevertheless, I note that due to the hard work of many colleagues, we have an extensive and high quality continuing legal education program that attracts participants from throughout Central Illinois. Also, I am particularly excited about the enthusiasm of the young lawyers committee. Generally, most of our committees are more energized now than ever before.”

On November 30, 2006, an inaugural reception was held in partnership with the following firms:

Cassidy & Mueller
Elias, Meginnes, Riffle & Seghetti, P.C.
Hasselberg, Williams, Grebe, Snodgrass & Birdsall
Heyl, Royster, Voelker & Allen, P.C.
Hinshaw & Culbertson L.L.P.
Howard & Howard Attorneys, P.C.
Johnson, Bunce & Noble, P.C.
Kingery, Durree, Wakeman & Ryan, Associated
Miller, Hall & Triggs
Quinn, Johnston, Henderson & Pretorius, Chtd.
The Janssen Law Center
Westervelt, Johnson, Nicoll & Keller, L.L.C.

It is with great appreciation that we recognize the “Charter Fellows” of the Peoria County Bar Foundation:

Frederick W. Allen
Lyle W. Allen
Nicholas J. Bertschy
Timothy L. Bertschy
James R. Carter
Timothy J. Cassidy
Robert V. Dewey, Jr.
Edward R. Durree
Hon. Richard E. Eagleton
Jordan A. Fifield
Michael D. Gifford
Hon. John A. Gorman
Wayne L. Hanold
Michael R. Hasselberg
Matthew S. Hefflefinger
Stephen J. Heine
Gregory Q. Hill
Gregory A. Hunziker
Donald R. Jackson
Jay H. Janssen
Robert H. Jennetten
Elizabeth L. Jensen
David E. Jones
Matthew P. Jones
Homer W. Keller
Karen L. Kendall
Arthur R. Kingery
William R. Kohlhase
Phillip B. Lenzini
Michael R. Lied
Rex K. Linder
Hon. Michael P. McCuskey
Hon. Mary W. McDade
Kevin M. Miller
David B. Mueller
Christopher A. Nichols
John P. Nicoara
Kent A. Noble
Hon. Thomas L. Perkins
John R. Pusey
J. Reed Roesler
Leonard W. Sachs
Henry A. Schmitt
L. Lee Smith
Kevin F. Sullivan
Bruce E. Thiemann
Dennis R. Triggs
David J. Walvoord
David L. Wentworth II
Sonni Choi Williams
Walter W. Winget
John M. Wyant
Richard W. Zuckerman

Since the inception of the Program, Darin M. LaHood has also become a Foundation Fellow.

Contact the Bar Association if you would like to join this elite group of Bar Foundation supporters.

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