PCBA's President's Message

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PCBA's President's Message

I would like to first thank the officers, board members and committee members for their service during the past year and in the year ahead.

I am honored to have been chosen to serve as PCBA President.  I pledge to do my best to follow the excellent example which was set by my predecessor, Judge Wilson.

Two areas to which I would like to give particular attention during my term are as follows:

1.  Increase active participation in the PCBA by more of our members.  This would include service on committees and attendance at PCBA events, such as the Lincoln Banquet & Gala and the Law Day Luncheon.

2.  Serve and actively involve "more experienced" PCBA members.  Currently there are 209 PCBA members who are age 60 and above, and 72 PCBA members who are age 70 and above.  I would like to work to find ways to serve the needs and interests of those members, such as assisting with the transition to e-filing.  I am asking PCBA committees for their suggestions in this regard.  I am encouraging those members to be active in the PCBA and the Peoria legal community by actively serving on PCBA committees and volunteer activities, such as Prairie State.

My overall goal is that the PCBA continue to be a valuable resource to our members and a positive influence both in the legal profession and in our entire community.  I look forward to working with you during the coming year.

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