Diversity Committee

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The Diversity Committee was implemented to foster diversity in the membership of the Association in order to reflect the community served by its members with respect to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, disability and age.

Donald R. Jackson, Chair
Hon. James E. Shadid, Vice Chair
Dr. Rita Ali
Jennie Cordis Boswell
Robin Boucher
Laraine Bryson
Melanie Cannon
Thomas Dennis
Abigail Fleming
Nina Gougis
Aliesha Graves
Timothy J. Howard
Ilir Imeri
Dr. Sharon Kherat
Monica Kim
Hon. Jerelyn D. Maher
Justice Mary W. McDade
Michele A. Miller
Arsenio Mims
Clifton J. Mitchell 
Thomas W. O'Neal
Yolanda Riley
Kimberly A. Sarff
Larry Smith
Debra L. Stegall
Hon. Alicia N. Washington
Amanda Watson
Sonni Choi Williams

Hon. Lisa Y. Wilson

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