Real Property Committee

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The Real Property Committee addresses real estate developments, forms and practice issues affecting our members, including meeting with other real estate professionals in our community and the representatives of units of local government that impact on real estate law and practice (e.g., the Recorder, assessors and zoning officers). 

Casey Kepple, Chair
Christopher D. Oswald, Vice Chair
Benedict Ciravolo
Robert J. Coletta
David L. Cover
Andrew R. Crouch
Kenny Eathington
Richard N. Gentry
James R. Grebe
Donald M. Hartshorn
Eric E. Hasselberg
Mary E. Heck
Clyde B. “Sandy” Hendricks
Andrew A. Honegger
Thomas E. Howard
Timothy J. Howard
Brian F. Johnson
James F. Kane
James J. Manning 
Ambrose V. McCall
Theresa G. Miller 
Jane E. Ohaver
Christopher D. Oswald
Sonya A. Pasquini
Andrew S. Rinehart
Fadi B. Rustom
Kevin A. Shields
Derek A. Schryer
James M. Tomlin 
David B. Wiest

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