2014 May Professional Responsibilty Seminar (DVD)

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Tried and true: Professional Responsibility in Famous American Trials. In this two-hour professional responsibility CLE program, the presenters will draw on four well-known American Trials as their source for a discussion of the Rules of Professional Conduct. The first case of four to be discussed will be:

Trial Publicity and the Trial of Richard Speck, presented by Patgrick O'Shaughnessy
The Peoria County Courthouse had never seen anything like the trial of Richard Speck. For three weeks in April, 1967, the nation riveted its attention on the second floor courtroom at Main and Jefferson Streets, where a man accused of murdering eight student nurses stood trial. Learn the facts of this historic trial, and the limits of pre-trial publicity as governed by the Rules of Professional Conduct.

The availability of this seminar on DVD will be on or before May 30, 2014. You may purchase the DVD at any time. Once we have received the item in the PCBA office your selection will be delivered or mailed directly to you. The price of this DVD is $100.00 PCBA Members; $125.00 Non-Members.


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